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Date: 23rd June 2016
Natural Color Salted Ginger
All the material ginger come from KY company?s own pollution-free ginger field. We adopt high quality fresh and tender ginger as sushi ginger material,Website:http://www.wfkyginger.com, with advantaged recipe and ingredient, by the whole following procedures to produce the best quality salted ginger, sushi ginger and pickled ginger, natural color salted ginger. Procedures: material pickle-selecting and peeling-slicing-desalting-sterilization and disinfection-recipe and ingredient-calculating-packing-quality control-metal detecting-product check-storage. Recipe & Ingredient Pure natural low calories sugar agent, advanced process and recipe, retaining the original medicinal value of ginger, instant by opening the bag, crisp and tender, fresh color. The pickle ginger is good appetizer to increase appetite.?The salty ginger and preserved ginger is also of good taste. Product SizeGinger slice(big)Thickness 0.8-1.2mmGinger slice(small)Thickness 0.5-0.8mmGinger shred/stripe2.0x2.0mm, 2.5x2.5mm, 3.0x3.0mmGinger dice/particle2.0x2.0mm ? 5.0x5.0mmSpecial sizecustom-made
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