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Date: 23rd June 2016
Pickle Vegetable Bar
South Asia has a large variety of pickle vegetable bar (known as achar in Assamese,Website:http://www.wfkyginger.com, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, uppinakaayi in Kannada, lonacha in Marathi, uppilitai or achar in Malayalamoorukai in Tamil, ooragaya in Telugu), which are mainly made from varieties of mango, lemon, lime, goongura(a sour leafy shrub), tamarind and Indian gooseberry (amla), chilli. Vegetables such as brinjal, carrots, cauliflower, tomato, bitter gourd, green tamarind, ginger, garlic, onion, and citron are also occasionally used.[citation needed] These fruits and vegetables are generally mixed with ingredients like salt, spices, and vegetable oils and are set to mature in a moistureless medium.In Pakistan, pickle vegetable bar are known locally as achaar (in Urdu) and come in a variety of flavors. A popular item is the traditional mixed Hyderabadi pickle, a common delicacy prepared from an assortment of fruits (most notably mangoes) and vegetables blended with selected spices.In Sri Lanka, achcharu is traditionally prepared from carrots, onions, and ground dates that are mixed with mustard powder, ground pepper, crushed ginger, garlic, and vinegar, and left to sit in a clay pot.
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