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Date: 23rd June 2016
Pickle Vegetable Slice
China is home to a huge variety of pickle vegetable slice. including radish,Website:http://www.wfkyginger.com, baicai (Chinese cabbage, notably suan cai, la bai cai, pao cai, andTianjin preserved vegetable), zha cai, chili pepper, and cucumbers, among many others.Japanese tsukemono (pickled vegetable slice) include takuan (daikon), umeboshi (ume plum), gari & beni shoga (ginger), turnip, cucumber, and Chinese cabbage.The Korean staple kimchi is usually made from pickled napa cabbage and radish, but is also made from green onions, garlic stems, chives and a host of other vegetables. Kimchi is popular throughout East Asia. Jangajji is another example of pickled vegetables.Torshi, traditional pickles inSoutheast Europe, Western Asia and the CaucasusIn Iran, Turkey, Arab countries, the Balkans, and the Caucasus, pickles (called torshi in Persian, tur?u in Turkish language andmekhallel in Arabic) are commonly made from turnips, peppers, carrots, green olives, cucumbers, cabbage, green tomatoes, lemons, andcauliflower.
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