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Date: 23rd June 2016
Pink Gari
ROWN ON THE HAWAIIAN ISLAND OF KAUAIOur farm is located on the beautiful North Shore of Kauai,Website:http://www.wfkyginger.com, with rich organic soil, year-round sunshine, and pristine water; it serves as the ideal location for our specialty farm. Ginger planting starts in late March through April, and harvest begins in December and continues through April each year.Pink gari IS SPICY AND DELCIOUSPink gari is the common name for Zingiber officinale. It is classified in the divisionMagnoliophyta, class Liliopsida, order Zingiberales, and family Zingiberaceae.The Zingiberaceae family consists of tropical and subtropical perennial herbs, mainly from Indomalaysia.The harvestable portion of the ginger plant is the rhizome of the plant, meaning it grows underground and is often referred to as ginger root. Ginger cultivation began in ancient times in Southeast Asia, but has since spread around the world thanks to its numerous uses and health benefits. Today, ginger is farmed commercially for many purposes, most commonly, cooking, juicing, and medicinal uses.
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