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Date: 23rd June 2016
Sushi Ginger Stripe
Our company,Website:http://www.wfkyginger.com, Weifang Kaiyue Foods Co., Ltd, specialize in exporting the spice, herbal, and other speacial agriculture products such as, sushi ginger stripe, ?and other sushi ginger products. With the experiences experts in spice and herbal and flavors, we would like to ?supply to the highest required about flavors and quality of product of our partners in the world. We would like to bring the fragrant specific ?flavor to all over the world. We are so proud and glad to introduce and serve the best and famous Chinese natural products, sometimes noble product. We have the systems of warehouses and manufactories in each area of products to harvest, process and package the products, so we can supply hundreds tons of products per month.My company specialize in manufacture and export ; sushi ginger stripe, Fresh Ginger, Dried ginger root, Dried slices ginger, turmeric, , star aniseed, cardamon,cinnamon(cassia).I offer to you fresh ginger as below:FRESH GINGERYellow Ginger, good flavor and aroma, ginger has washed, no rotten and no fungus.Ginger of my company was planted in hill and high land, the good land and the good weather so made ginger has good quality.Ginger can made spices, herbal, medicine, ginger tea...
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